About Fabrice DUNOU, Architectural and Interior photographer

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Architectural photographer, Interior photographer - Paris, France and Europe

Professional photographer specialized in interior and architectural photography, I work in all fields related to architecture: interior and exterior architecture, commercial architecture, decoration, industrial and administrative buildings, luxury homes, hotels, real estate... I realize for you images of your places to allow you to communicate effectively.

I work mainly in Paris and throughout France and Europe for specific orders.

Graduated from an international school of photography (Speos Photographic Institute), I now participate every year in this school as lecturer and end-of-year jury for the Masters.


Coming from the business world, especially as manager of international projects, my previous professional experiences give me the skills and qualities necessary for the realization of photographic achievements, from simple project, to more complex projects:
- Analysis and understanding of customer needs
- Goals definition
- Planning shooting and post-processing, travel optimization
- Realization of the shooting, the post-processing and delivery of the images
- Control of expenses and project in its duration
- Collaborative mode of operation with customers and partners.

At the service of architects, companies, interior designers, building owners, local authorities, designers, designers, on the one hand, advertising and communication agencies on the other hand, I work for and with customers by accompanying them in their projects.



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